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IE *sigh*


Senior Member
I originally thought this was a problem with a swf being embedded, but i now know it's not, and is just a glitch in the layout. the page is at:

Winning Health Solutions

(please guys tis just a demo.. no proper photos on there or anything for the moment, i know it doesnt look its best..) but as you can see, the menu in IE is not aligned properly, which throws the rest of the alignment off. its the same with a subpage:

Gym In Southampton - Winning Health Solutions - Gym Reviews and Testimonials

Can anyone help me with this?? I havent coded in a while and it really doesnt help not being able to look at IE on my mac ( do have vmware and windows installed, have never got my version to work great especially not when launching ie..)


Staff member
ok random suggestion here - have you tried using an animated gif (or still image) instead of the swf to see if it's still doing it

and I can't seem to see the issue in ie8


Senior Member
it does, he specifically wanted flash..and levi, the problem is, i cant see it. i have vmware on my mac, but i have never trusted what my ie shows me since day 1 because it's always wrong. i also use ietester, which is wrong every now and again.

the other problem with the swf is the black outline to it.. this is in firefox and ie, and is down to my lack of knowledge of flash *another sigh*

ive attached a screenshot of what it's menna look like/what it looks like in firefox -- if it looks the same in ie, i guess its all good cross browser wise and its just the flash left to go :)