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iDisk & Mobile Me

Hi To All the apple iphone guys!

I have a question! I have Mobile Me and idisk and want to upload a load of stuff in bulk. Is there another way to upload all at once? Instead of a file at a time...?


Senior Member
On a mac you can drag and drop files straight off your finder into the iDisk extension on your mac.

There's a PC plugin for your control panel, search for it on apple.com/uk/downloads
Hmmmm ive done al of this and have the software installed but too upload my files to the idisk i have to do it one at a time. I have done some research and something called WebDav looks like the way to do it? Any idea's..?


Senior Member
If your on a Mac it's easy as pi but I'll store the link for some people that may speak to me about the service in a certain grocery store