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Identity Critique for My Freelance Work

Hey guys, I wanted you guys to critique my logo I got here...and my business card. I think I really like the outcome of these but since the majority of you are much better graphic designers than myself I wanted some input from professional graphic designers. I've honestly only designed like 2 logos in my life for an actual client, all my work is websites in which they give me logos :)

Which of these logo/colors do you like better and do you have any suggestions to improve it? Also I have a business card idea as well, as you can tell I chose the blue and red logo which i'm leaning towards that one because i'm more of a cool/subdued color kind of guy but I do like the orange one so tell me what you think.

This is also my first business card design so ya...learning process :)

I also think I might change the business card to have what I do more specifically rather than just web/graphic designer because I don't want people thinking I do everything :)



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I dont like the font/spacing you've used on the word "design" I think its also too close the the main eyeon text. Also, Im not convinced the centre-ish align is the way to go on the contact details.
Hey Brett, I think I prefer the red and blue version too.

A couple of things (purely constructive criticism):

I'd move the small circle in the logo mark to the centre between the two 'swooshes'. This will stop the red/blue colour clash and give a bit more space/symmetry to the mark.
I agree with br3n about the letter-spacing and the similar font for the word 'design'. Tighten up the letterspacing in the logo.

On the business card, your leading (space between lines of text) is very tight, try loosening that up.
Left-align your contact details on the card and I don't think the gray gradient is needed, others may disagree.
I think in general the card just looks a little 'cramped'.

Hope that's of help, be sure and post up again if you make any changes :)


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The style is too corporate for my taste. As a designer I would not want to give my clients the first impression that I just had when looking at the business card. This doesn't mean that it's a bad logo or a bad card, the card is even very nicely layed out. I'm just wondering if this is what you should be presenting to your clients as your first piece of work, considering they haven't seen your website yet. Small detail, the bottom part of your Y seems slightly distorted, it's more visible on the business card than on the big logo.
Hey guys thanks for the input...I had a friend tell me the same thing about the dot being offset...I thought it was cool but that is why i'm getting other opinions!

I'll mess around with it and try and make it less corporate and more "designer".

Thanks again!


Without looking at what other people have said and opting for some straight up feedback.

I think it looks a little too corporate and doesn't really scream design firm. The colours are too much and the grey 'swipes' on the business card make me think of those cards you getting printed in shopping centers on those automated machines.

Also. The font; simplify. Arial, Helvetica or any of the standard sans-serif fonts which make a much better impact. If you want variation use bold, italic, size and colour.

If I were you I'd have quick look through a site like LogoPond and get a feel for some good (non-corporate) id design.
I agree with Mr Simpson; that typeface you've chosen looks pretty ropey to me. It's a display face, and a gimmicky one at that, so you shouldn't really be setting important things like phone numbers and email addresses in it.

BUT I'm sure, as someone selling themselves as a graphic designer, you can come up with a better choice of face than a standard sans-serif. Try and choose a font that has lots of faces in its family (italics, bold face, old style figures, small caps) it'll make your life much easier.
I'm back for more. I did more variations of the logo just because I had some new ideas pop in my head. I'm going to perfect the logo then i'll resume getting critiques for the business card (redesigned of course).

Here ya go:

Original - Changed leading and centered eyeball, adjusted positioning slightly

1st Variation - I like this one because it's simple and I think it is interesting.

2nd Variation - This is kind of a hommage to that picture of the guy looking over the fence from way back (not sure if you guys even know what i'm talking about) anyone I kinda like this one too. Bad thing is I like all three, so that is where you all come in!



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The bottom one is more of the direction you should be going in. I hate the colors, I find them absolutely terrible (on that specific concept) but the idea of the is very simple and quite attractive (with lack of a better word). This would look much better on a business card for a designer than the other two. :up:


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Out of the last set of three you have psted....

1st is too corporate
2nd is too cheesy
3rd - better!

Try a COMPLETELY different colour scheme/
Haha, ya, as i've been doing this, originally I liked the color scheme for the first logo, but following that I got to where I didn't for the last two, especially the last one, so if i was going to use it, I was definitely going to change it.


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Okay - I think that the kerning is waaaaay too spaced and I dont like the way the tag hits the baseline of the your name.

Nice typeface though.
Okay...going with third logo, slight alterations to the eye....and this time just two colors. Both of these colors are equally pleasing to me, I love the look of red and dark Grey (which is what the dark color is) and I also like that blue-ish color. I'm thinking I might like the red slightly more because I think a warm colored site would look really nice but what do you guys think...warm colors or cool colors?