Ideas on Graphic Designers' Creativity and The Design Process


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[This may not be the place to post this so let me know if anywhere else is better]

So I A famous Design book Hegarty On Creativity and now I am here
John's Book

My question is to discuss alternative research In the design process?

My Thoughts:
Some people argue that the outcome of a project is more inspiring than the process it went through to make it.
How do you know? A great project could have been accomplished because the inventor thought about it or did it differently.

As for alternative research:
You can take other fields study that may not be considered useful to a graphic designer in theory or practice.
I see that as a student studying graphics its crucial to inspire yourself in fields that just need to be looked at in the right way.
Maths could give birth to grid structures and nature has perspectives outside the senses any human thinks in. That's more a concept though but I love this stuff.
I shouldn't blab on about too much, but I'm interested to share this here.

What thoughts does this forum have on alternative research? the design process? Inspiration?
anyone's perspective is valid here :]

I also have a survey I wanted to collect everyone's thoughts on here if you wanna do anything extra:
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Of course other fields of research are not only valid, they are necessary. Design is never created in a vacuum. It is often about lateral thinking and juxtaposing disparate ideas. For this, you need knowledge. For almost any design work research is required.

My own final degree thesis was concerning perception, cogizance and effectiveness of designed information systems and their effectiveness When an intended recipient does not speak the language. That required much research in areas of psychology, social behaviour, to name a couple.

The more knowledge you have in the more fields, the more likely you are to improve your creative skill set.