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Ideas for a DIY style website?



I've got to design a website for a company that specialises in insulation products. I'm kind of struggling to find inspiration. Functionality wise they will be similar to the following sites:

Homebase - For Kitchens, Furniture, Garden, Decorating, DIY and Bathrooms
WilkinsonPlus - Home & Baby, DIY & Decorating, Garden & Pet, Sheds, Household & Pets, Toys, Games & Leisure, Special Offers, Health, Beauty & Babycare, Bikes
B&Q | Kitchens, Bathrooms, Sheds, Paving, Gardening, Planning Tools and more (B&Q)

I just don't find any of them particularly interesting - is this just a case of displaying as many products as possible and sacrificing design?


Senior Member
Your thinking about it all wrong.

What is the PURPOSE of the website?
What is the USER likely to be on the website for?

Designs arn't just pretty things, they serve a purpose. Work out the purpose and the design will follow.


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I think the big problem is apparent, its not the most stimulating world in terms of products!

We've recently rebranded a company who supply stage/concert equipment, did our homework, every business who do it don't seem to know what a graphic designer is! We asked them if they had anything in mind, they said no, we asked if we could throw the book out of the window and make them something really interesting and they went for it.

Their logo is now more like something you would expect to see on a high end alt-sport brand and the site is going to follow that theme.

If you are in any doubt, just make it hyper clean and functional. Its a nightmare end of the spectrum to try and bring to life.


I understand it's not about making something look pretty br3n, but there's a big difference between making something that works - which is what a lot of company's already have - and something that works really well and is appealing to the eye - which is surely the point of being a graphic designer. Perhaps I could have worded my initial post better, I wasn't trying to make out that I'm only trying to make something that looks pretty! I'll have a sit down and think about those points, thanks br3n.

I know it's not the most stimulating of products to design for, but this shouldn't stop me from creating something that will please the users, the company and be something I can be proud of! (Well I hope not any way!) I think I'll have a go at coming up with something interesting but not to the sacrifice of usability. Failing that I'll just go for something that's hyper clean and functional.

Thank you both for replying :)