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Idea Safe : any good?

Hi everyone,

I was wondering if any here had heard of or uses Idea Safe ( IdeaSafe :: Home ) for copyrighting their work?

I'm just setting up my own company and have a very bad problem with a client refusing to pay for a logo and using it everywhere - and very badly too! A school boy error I know, but has anyone got any advice about how to stop this from happening again?

Many thanks!


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Hi newnewnew,

Welcome to Design Forums :)
Sorry to hear of your payment problem with your client. I haven't had any non payment issues to date (touch wood) I take a 50% deposit upfront with the remaining 50% on completion at which point I release the files and final deliverables. Did you have any form of agreement/contract in place with your client? This might give you leverage to write a formal letter insisting that the client stops using the design until their bill has been settled..


PS- Not heard of IdeaSafe, it looks interesting but I can quite see how it would fit into the design process for the way I work personally