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Idea for comp for logo.


Senior Member
Ok, am looking to get a logo done for me as a rider for kite buggying.

I dont really have a solid logo on its own just use the arrows and underline of name atm but want to get a logo done.

Craig Sparkes :: Freestyle Kite Buggier

Now not sure if people would take this the wrong way but willing to pay, now know there are people who have run comps on here before.

So how about this as an idea, honestly if you think its rude and ill put it in job section with people quoting etc...

My idea was to Donate a Power Kite A Flexifoil Sting 2.4 or 3.3 as a prize.

Let me know your thoughts etc...


Senior Member
I have little or no use for a kite thing (nowt personal, I know nothing about your discipline), so as a very punk rock designer, who would probably be able to do justice to a logo for you, I would be put off by the thought of entering a comp where I would basically have to sell the prize to make it worth my while.

If you want to talk about a logo, we can talk, but as a comp, you with a very specific prize like that you are limiting who will enter.