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I wonder if it' a place for me


Junior Member
Hi, I am so bored going through different google searches. What a waste of time.
Me, I use to work as a designer and technological supervisor in advertising company in Warsaw at the quite crazy time when it was growing so, so fast. I specialized in difficult projects and I have to say that chalenges were interesting. But after 7 years I started to hate my life. Always busy and in a hurry. Designing and manufacturing rubbish. It was not my goal. I quit. I sold some lamps in art galleries; done some exclusive pieces of furniture for shops and designed interiors and furniture linesfor retail chains. At that time I met most of my client through contact after I sold my paintings.
I moved to Scotland in 2005 and worked as CNC router operator and programer. As It was not enough for my ambition I started to make plans to reopen business on my own.
At the moment I work on two lamps: big(over 1200x600mm) polycarbonate ceiling one And super efficient 3W LED bedside one. Apart from electrics both are made from offcuts and other things found in a skip. As I'm nearly finished them I started to look for a way to sell them on the internet.
Any advice?
Hi Ako, welcome to DF.

Might I suggest something similar to a portfolio site. You might have your company bio & contact details, as well as a "latest projects" section where people can find out about specific projects & are given your contact details.

You might also want to look at etsy. It's a market place for people to sell homemade stuff, although your projects sound more upmarket than the stuff I usually see on there.