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I went to University and...


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I'm at Uni and (due to bad plumbing) the shower in my mates student accommodation is a shower of sh*t! (no joke)


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I went to uni, had lots of fun. Oh and it was a shower of sh!t in terms of organisation. Tho I did retain some useful skills... Well one or two. Actually no. I learnt the most when I actually got a job.


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Well I went to uni, got stuck in the middle of a change in the course structure, we were the guinea pigs, got a degree and finished with a student debt.


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I went to uni and learnt a lot about psychology, then made lots of mistakes with real clients that could have been taught by someone there!
I went to University.

Got a degree in Graphic Design. Helped me on the 'design ladder'. Made me better at my job.

Everyday i have a shower and a ****. But not at the same time.


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Oh my ****ing god! Why doesn't DF save the quick reply form!? I accidentally clicked somewhere after I typed up an extensive reply :<

Second attempt:
I can totally relate to your article Harry. I was self-taught from books and the internet too, and at the age of 15 I landed a three-year (paid) internship at a nearby agency. Earlier this year I enrolled in college and so far I haven't seen anything I didn't know already three years earlier. My education is happily paid for by my parents though, even while they're fully aware that I'm completely self-taught.

I'm not planning on dropping out anytime soon though. Time spent skipping classes (and I skip quite a few; nothing is mandatory) is spent brushing up on my skills and learning new things — along with a necessary share of drinking and partying. It might seem a vicious circle as the new things that I'm learning on my own now, will no longer be new to me when I'm supposed to be learning them next year.

My course is built up in a special way though. My course is three years + one master year. Throughout those years there are 5 main subjects, which include communication, graphic design, development, marketing and audiovisual. It's only in the first year that those subjects are really important., the next years they keep becoming less prominent

There is a wide variety of subjects which are less obvious and which might be overlooked when self-teaching via the internet. Next year I need to pick 2 out of the first list, and in the third year I pick 4 from the second list. In my final year, I pick 4 again, from the final list.

  • Infotainment
  • Contentmanagement
  • Creative Design
  • Virtual Weborganisation
  • Extended Enterprise
  • Industrial Media Applications
  • The narrative
  • The interface
  • Digital Divide
  • Multimediamanagement
  • Community Basis
  • eLearning
  • Entrepreneurship
  • Integrated Business Communication
  • Semantic Web
  • User centered development techniques
  • Social Media Experience
  • Public Space
  • Experimental Media
  • Game
  • Media Lab
  • Stories

I think it's a great system which will definitely teach me new things. And if I have to sit out through a year of repetition, then so be it.