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I went to Poland, it was awesome.

Paul Murray

Staff member

Got back from a uni trip to Poland yesterday. It was amazing.

Read about it here if you're interested: So I went to Poland - Paul Murray, Graphic Designer

Anyone else been?

I managed to get to see Auschwitz which was an incredible if uncomfortable experience.

We also visited a couple of Polish graphic design studios who were producing some great work (I'll probably have a blog post about this up at some point in the near future).

And yes, Comic Sans and Papyrus were used a lot in signage there too!

Tony Hardy

Well-Known Member
And yes, Comic Sans and Papyrus were used a lot in signage there too!
Hahaha. :icon_thumbdown:

I've always wanted to go to Poland, got a friend who lives there and I've always wanted to get out there.

I bet Auschwitz was an excellent experience? Shocking and chilling I bet, but totally one of those things that would have to be done when you're there.
I've been to Krakow several times, a great city, I'd recommend it to anyone. Auschwitz was OK - it was Birkenau that I found disturbing, the shear scale of it. The salt mines were brilliant, a cathedral carved out of rock salt! :icon_biggrin:
Auschwitz 1 was the 'nice' camp that they showed to the Red Cross, it's where all the medical experiments were carried out, it houses the museum, banks of shoes, cases, hair etc. Auschwitz 2 was Birkenau, basically a railway siding with some chimneys at the end, that was the 'not nice' camp. Auschwitz 3 was a factory complex for slave labour, I'm not sure that it has survived.
Nice & not nice are relative terms.
I found that I hadn't taken many photos when there, it does that to you.

Paul Murray

Staff member
I found that I hadn't taken many photos when there, it does that to you.
Yeah, I felt a bit strange taking pictures at times. It's important to remember the place though. That's why it's still standing, as a reminder of what happened.

Everybody seems to find something different there that triggers an emotional response; for one of my friends it was one picture out of hundreds on a wall that had a flower placed beside it, obviously by a relative of the person pictured, for her sister it was seeing the piles of suitcases that once owned prisoners most prized belongings.

For me it was actually peering through a hole in a cell door and seeing what a Nazi soldier would have seen, having my nose touching where his would have. That freaked me out a little.
I was taken to a dinner party (Polish style) in the evening, i was asked 'where had I been today?' I answered 'Auschwitz' and the old guy said, 'Yes, I was there...1942, I think' :icon_crying:
Poland is fascinating. Been over a number of times - Czestochowa is also well worth visiting and is near Krakow.

We have a family house 20km from the Polish border (in Czech Republic) - so when over often shop in Poland. We were caught in Poland during the terrible floods a few years ago. When Poland was preparing for EU membership that was tough for the people - lots of poverty, big price rises; we saw some tough sights and suffering.

Tony Hardy

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I might have to organise a trip out there to be honest. I don't think they do flights from Newcastle anymore though.

Definitely think I want to experience it once.
Wow, that's heavy... :(
He was great, the Krakow brigade had started to march to Warsaw when the Germans invaded, got about 60 miles before being overrun. They spent the rest of the war moving between camps, the Germans didn't get their hands dirty.
I also visited Czestochowa, we drove across Poland in a Fiat Polski 500, there were horse-drawn haycarts on the motorways, cows grazing on the verges, the place was wall-to-wall pilgrims, difficult to walk down the avenues. Our friend disappeared and reappeared driving the Fiat through the crowd, a priest came and blessed the car, splashed it with holy water, pocketed 10,000 zloty (~50p), splashed us with holy water and disappeared. They're mad.

Paul Murray

Staff member
Cheers, it's a great place, though when you head out of the touristy areas you really see just how poor some people are.

How were the battlefields?


Well-Known Member
They were cool. I visited The Sommes, and all the war memorials. The Sommes was unreal. All the trenches and tunnels were still there, just covered in trees and things now.
Poland is a beautiful country. Personally I couldn't deal with any of the camps when I visited (my uncle was in Dachau, which obviously has no impact on me personally at all, but which does make it a bit freaky), but the rest of the country was gorgeous.