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I was offered low salary at interview, do I have a point?

Discussion in 'Chill Out Forum:' started by andthen, Jun 17, 2010.

  1. andthen

    andthen Member


    I joined up here a few months ago but due to life getting in the way I’ve not been able to chill here as much as I wanted to - this may explain why I'm not familiar!

    My Background: My name is Sukhjinder (or Sukh) and I have 2 years of experience in Web Design (SEO, PPC, HTML, CSS, PShop, Illustrator, DWeaver, Flash, JavaScript, understanding of PHP, ASP.NET and other programs), great with clients, won an award for a site I did while at the police and have a 2.1 in Multimedia Computing - 2007.

    Now I was at an interview yesterday for a Junior Web Design role (Midlands) and after meeting all of the criteria I was offered £14,000! Was also told it will increase up to £16,000 in three months based if I can prove my skills. Now I honestly cant remember seeing a job on any jobsite for that amount in almost a year or so…and even then it was not very often. I rekon between £16-20 is sort of the bracket for junior/Graduate, I think a fair bare minimum for me at this stage is £18.

    I told the interviewer…after genuinely being surprised that I would get back to them, but what do you guys think is a fair salary for a junior/higher-end junior?

  2. where was the interview? London or the Midlands? London the salary would be higher than midlands.. so the cost they would offer would be more in line with the area.. :) hope that helps :)
  3. Renniks

    Renniks Senior Member

    To be honest, they probably offered (near enough) the most they feel they can, the only issue with this is they may be after someone who is more qualified than what they deserve for this wage.

    I'd advise not taking the job, if you can afford to...
  4. andthen

    andthen Member

    Ah yes Chrismitchell I should have mentioned that, midlands is the area. Also I was told upon performing well I would get an increase up to £16,000 in three months, so my next move was gonna be to ask for a contract where it says I will have an increase of up to £18,000 in three months if I meet a performance/skill criteria.
  5. andthen

    andthen Member

    Yeah Renniks I thought the same, this person is setting up a new company but is within a bigger company...its a franchise partner thing. But unfortunately Im in a bund at the mo so not a lot of space to manuver, so Im on the blag at the mo!
  6. It might be that all the combined reasons have made the salary what it is, location, startup, recession etc.

    The question you have to ask is do you need money and work or can you find other work? :)
  7. Levi

    Levi Moderator Staff Member

    14k was about the expected wage for us when we got of uni - was there any stipulation in the 'ad' for experience?

    But to be honest in the current climate, pay is going to be lower, businesses are tightening their belts to ensure they actually last through the recession.
  8. Thewholehogg

    Thewholehogg Active Member

    Take the job but get a review confirmed in writing for 3 and 6 months and hold them to it.
    Times are tough at the minute and indeed belts are being tightened. A job is a job get the experience and move on later if need be.
  9. berry

    berry Active Member

    So your 2 year 'experience' is that 2 years Paid employment as a Web Designer? If it isn't then your your not experienced and for £14k I would take it. As an employer I would offer £14k for fresh meat. If you want £18k to start with you will have problems. If they are having a 3 month probationary salary review with a £2k bump that' kinda what I would do. It's a good deal if your as good as you think you are. If you start asking for £18k and negotiating starting salary at this stage with me - I would show you the door and the way to the Job Centre in double quick time and I think so would they.
  10. Renniks

    Renniks Senior Member

    If it is 2 years paid experience as a web designer then 14k isn't a great amount though.
  11. Greg

    Greg Active Member

    Hi Sukh,

    When you mention SEO, PPC, HTML, CSS, Flash & Javascript, at what level do you have skills in these? From an outsider perspective it sounds like you're claiming to have a LOT of skills, so interested to hear what experience/knowledge you have in each area.

  12. berry

    berry Active Member

    No, but he is applying for a Junior Web Designer role - not a web designer

    I'm unclear as to how 'experienced' - I only count experience as paid working hands on experience.
  13. Renniks

    Renniks Senior Member

    Good point :) (on the Junior part)

    While we know you aren't a lover of freelancers as it were, do you count someone who has completed a number of projects freelancing (paid projects for x amount of time) as experienced ? :) (Just as a 'headsup' as it were)
  14. Harry

    Harry Senior Member

    And I though my last place was underpaying…
  15. berry

    berry Active Member

    @ Rennicks - Don't count Freelancers as experienced unless they have left paid employment to go freelance. Otherwise every one can claim 'experience' along with getting up in the morning. I have 30 40 years experience cooking, but I'm not a Chef.

    @Harry - How the hell are bosses suppose to support our mistresses, the hideaway in Barcelona, the seats for the World Cup Final,the petrol in the 5 litre Range Rover and the therapeutic massages from naked female Scandanavians, if we can't nip and tuck at the little things!
  16. Harry

    Harry Senior Member

    No I know it's business and that, and you set your own salaries based on xyz, but I stepped out of sixth form aged 17 into a £20k job… No (related) education and my only agency experience was the previous 6 months working 8 hours a week for a local company. I left that place because (among other things) they weren't paying me enough. £14k… wow :(
  17. andthen

    andthen Member

    Hello there,

    So first of all thanks for your interest, well I’ve got 2 years paid experience but at the moment I’m desperate! I don’t count freelance at this point – too fragmented. Now a lot of people want some OOP experience, I have an understanding and brief practical exp of PHP, ASP etc but I haven’t got enough, not as much as my other skills so that’s where I’m running into some trouble I think, hence the junior roles I’m applying for.

    Also a lot of the junior roles advertised out there ask for around 2 years prior experience anyway, maybe they are just trying to ensure a better quality of candidates, I don’t know, but that’s frustrating in itself!

    My level of experience/proficiency in HTML, CSS, PShop/Illustrator is pretty good I would say, well 2 years solid every stuff, and SEO, Flash, Javascript w/ jquery, mootools etc, ActionScript – all at a sort of average level.

    All in all whenever I truthfully match my skill set and experience to other roles out there I see salaries between £17,000-19,000 roughly in the midlands, £20-27 in London.

    So please feel free to shoot all of this down if I’m completely wrong!
  18. andthen

    andthen Member

    Lol wow Harry...that just made me totally depressed! My friend and I are both struggling to get just £18 now...and we studied for 4 years and have 2 years exp! Still I'm guessing you must be pretty good then mate
  19. davewill

    davewill Senior Member

    Id say take it, experience has no price and you cant get it any other way than working in a real life enviornment on real jobs with real clients doing real work. i started on not much more than that, it went up after 3 months, then again after 12months, then i got promoted after 2 years. if you are good enough im sure you will be rewarded as you progress up the ladder.
    dirtyGina cam
  20. Thewholehogg

    Thewholehogg Active Member

    Are things more stable at your work Dave?
    I remember you being worried about staff cuts...

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