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I want to stop supporting IE6

Discussion in 'Website Design Forum:' started by eddypeck, Mar 19, 2009.

  1. eddypeck

    eddypeck Member

    When I make websites I currently check against IE6, 7, 8, firefox, safari, chrome for PC and Safari, Firefox for the Mac, I also view in Opera but don't worry too much if there's a few oddities. I've even started looking at my websites through the web browser on my Nintendo Wii - a sense a touch of OCD!

    Anyway I'm fed up with IE6 it's causes so many problems and additional coding and work arounds I was wondering if I should just stop supporting and if do I need to put a disclaimer or browser detection on my sites and suggest people upgrade.

    Your thoughts and experiences please....
  2. Greg

    Greg Active Member

  3. eddypeck

    eddypeck Member

    Thanks Greg, I've read these other threads now and feel I went a bit OTT, just caught me on an off moment, had my Coffee now and calmed down!

    so it's not really a case of 'SOOOO many problems', more a few niggly things that are sometimes unexpected and differnet to other browsers and I could save maybe ten mins if I didn't have to bother :)
  4. darren

    darren Member

    Hi Guys,

    The best way to approach this is to simply view the statistics;

    Browser Statistics

    and ask yourself if IE6 is now at an acceptable level that you are comftable with removing support for it. 17.4% @ Feb 2009 is still quite a count of overall people.

    However, the answer is really based on your individual website and user base. Hell, you might even have a user base where no-one uses IE6 at all. You can also get more information particular to you by;

    Maybe drop some code into the header of your site and capture data for a month or so to see the % of users on IE6?


    View the awstats or similar package that you might have setup already to capture this data?

    Anyway... I just wanted to point out that its not an overall problem with a single fix. It would be nice for MS to simply "switch-off" IE 6 but in reality that cant happen, where it is a gradual process that can take years. You can see from the statistics that the gradual decline in usage is an average 1-1.5% per month. I would guess there is another year at least before we see it gone completely.

    So at the moment, you have to make an informed decision based on your individual case.

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