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I want to Improve so Im Here!

I really want to improve my skill in Photoshop, Flash, Animation and Photography if hope you can help me and guide me through the way. I want to be a designer and Professional Photographer for it's really my passion.

Cheers! :clap:
welcome to DF, word of advice, if you're going to link to your site in your sig, just one link is needed, more of the same link looks a tad spammy


Active Member
Welcome :)
Besides they are all nofollowed any, and irrelevant so even if the search engines where following them not going to do you any good.

I would combine then into one, but if you want people to follow them turn the bit just before it into a question. If someone reads it their brain has to answer it and as a result people who answer it positivly are thus more likley to click it as a result.