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I started a random blog the other day...


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Sins of a Bleeding Cowboy

I hate that font, I really do. It gets over used and it drives me crazy, if I can collect as many sightings as possible in one place, perhaps people might not use it as much!

If you see it, get the iphone/blackberry/camera device out and send me a picture!


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houseofdeadleg said:
I think looking at the blog there might be the first time i've seen that particular font...
Where have you been? Not looking at enough bands on myspace!

However now you have seen it, you will spot it everywhere! The amount of dodgy rock bands who do nothing to the font and just type their name out and call it a logo is sickening!


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I havn't seen that font much up here, but I don't get out much now.
...Rumour is we're getting Helvetica up here next week.


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Helvetica rage is one thing, that stems from over use and people automatically using it as a safety net!

This font pushes my button because its just lazy! Rough up you own text dammit!


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I think this is why my rage started, its the same as comic sans, the constant mis/overuse!

The other problem is with its additions/flourishes:

If people paid attention to where they were and how they flowed, I would hate it less!