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I received this through the post this morning from Boots Reward Scheme


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Front Cover & Inside Page

Apart from the whole design being shit...
How long did it take you to spot the mistake?

Quite ironic considering it's World Sight Day!


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It's hard to see - but is that a full stop at the end of the "hassle-free"

Apart from all the dirt and scratches on the front - I'm struggling too...


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Hahaha guys, yesterday was one of those days for me, thank god it's nearly the weekend! Mods, please delete this thread while I go crawl into a cave.

Reading where it says 'along with so m e surprising', I thought it was a typo that should have read; 'along with so many surprising' as I had read it as; 'along with so me surprising' which obviously makes no sense, hence I thought it was an error. I blame the design! With fresh eyes this morning, I've figured out it poorly reads; 'along with some surprising'...

In hindsight, the moral of the story is I should have gone to Specsavers... I am due a check up eye test soon, so I think I'll go and get one booked on my way to the cave

My apologies to Boots :oops:.

PS. I still stand by it being a shit design....


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No way should you delete this!

The whole thing is a mistake.
It's like something that I'd see on the wall in my wife's reception class.

If there's an irony that it's hard to read then they completely missed it.
It's not about how good your eyesight is, it about illegibility.

This sucks and it offends me as a Designer and I'm glad Carl wiped his arse on it first before posting it. ;)


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It's bad design really - I did read the brochure many times and it does easily read "so" "me" instead of some.

Case of a camel being a horse designed by a committee.
It looks quite old school. Looking at it reminds me of children's books teaching children how to count and write. I'm not sure it will appeal to its target group. In this case the target group will be adults and using a child-like design will definitely not suit the target group well.


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Aren't those letters supposed to look like those card things where you have to decipher whats on it?
Swing and a miss. You still get points for trying right guys? ;)