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I need to publish a one off book - Any help?


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One of my clients has asked me to design a book as a gift for one of her friends. The book will consist of around 20-30 pages of poetry. She has given me free reign on how to design the book both visually and physically.

My idea is to use something along the lines of 200x200mm with very heavy front/back covers and some card for each of the pages. However, I really don't want to just get it digitally printed as I think it'd ruin the handmade feel that I'm trying to go for. I would happily hand write the poems myself, but some of them are quite long and my handwriting is not the best, nor am I any sort of calligrapher. It'd be great to use lithography, but I'm not really sure if that would be out of the client's price range of around £150 (including my own costs).

I don't mind making the book myself in terms of front/back covers and I can take care of the binding too, but I would really like to do something special with each page of poetry in terms of how it's printed.

I'm just wondering if anyone has any advice for this type of project and if there are any printers out there who can give me some rough costs for litho printing 20-30 pages of 200x200mm.

Thanks for your help.


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Don't think the book thing will happen, I tried the same thing for my book and juts ended building a simple website and putting the book online. A One off can never cost effective. Ring Posting is an interesting feature to bind a one off book, but digital printing is the only cost effective way `i think


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Looks like I'll be making it myself. Blurb isn't an option unfortunately for various reasons.

As for making a website instead of a book, surely that's cutting off your nose to spite your face! Luckily this book is meant to look hand made so it doesn't matter if it's a little rough around the edges - it's meant to be.

Never heard of ring posting, did you mean post binding? Either way, can you link me to any good examples of it please?