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I need a printer for a specific job!


Senior Member
Right gentleman and ladies, first off I have spoken to Sarah, she said she couldn't do this, but I am hopeful someone will be able to point me in a better direction that those I have already tried.

meet my artwork

now I need to get this printed onto one of these...

not one them ^, but a metallic/foil envelope, I have spoke to lots of different printers, most have said no, but someone has to do this! I've seen it done!

Can anyone help me? Can anyone point me in a direction? Is this the wrong place to post this? (sorry)

Tom Sound

Active Member
what quantity? 2 colour screen job innit?

I'd ask Ken (Krey) if I were you :D

Or let me know if you need a screen printer to call


Senior Member
1000, in principle it should only be one colour, using the colour of the mailer itself as a base. But to be honest, I am willing to listen to anyone who will be able to solve this.

Thanks Tom, I will see what Ken has to say, but if you think you can do it, I am willing to listen!


Senior Member
I'd definitely ask the envelope guys first, if they can print and make them for you it will be a nicer finished product than printing onto already made envelopes.
Otherwise it looks like screen print straight on but it looks like there will be problems bleeding the image on ready made envelopes, so you will probably have to have a border around the edge.
In a perfect world you could print onto material then have the envelopes manufactured. That's why I suggest going to the envelope company first. It's always tricky to print onto a finished product like that.

Keep me posted, PM a detailed print spec with a load of info about the metallic envelopes and I can put in under the printers nose for you. Not even sure what ink would adhere to the stock.