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I nedd a McFavour


Senior Member
See what I did there? ;)

I need a quick favour from anyone using a Mac. Basically can you visit the URL below and let me know if there any issues seeing/using the WYSIWYG editor:

Demo | CKEditor

I've tested thoroughly on a PC but I'm need Mac testing specifically Safari users. It doesn't work on Safari on an iPhone I have found so I'm a little concerned that older Safari versions may have the same issue.

If it doesn't work, can you let me know the OS and browser please?

TIA :)


Hi Phil,

Had no problems here on any browser I used (Safari, Chrome or Firefox) on Mac OSX.

Hope that helps :)


Senior Member
Thanks both, I wonder why Safari on the iPhone has a fit? Trouble is there is no way of knowing what version of Safari is on there...


Very strange that it doesnt work on iPhone Phil.. as the Safari's are basically the same :confused:


Senior Member
The find (and replace) feature does not work in Chrome or Safari.
EDIT: I refreshed the page and now it does work. You can't hit return though, you have to click the button.

Here are some modifications to the Dutch interface, should you have the time to modify it:
- "Paste as plain text" should be translated as "Plakken als gewone tekst", although a better translation would be "Plakken zonder opmaak".
- "Increase indent" should be "Inspringing vergroten", and "Decrease indent" should also be "Inspringing verkleinen"
- "Formatting styles" should be "Opmaakstijlen", which isn't translated at all in this case