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I love innocent smoothies


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My name is Greg and I'm addicted to innocent smoothies, in particular the mangoes & passion fruit one. I've completely been hooked by their branding and product and just wanted to share that admission with the forums, is anyone else liking innocent smoothies? :lol:
Yep. They be tasty.

Did you know the two people that started that company used to be advertising creatives, hence the exceptionally good and successful branding and marketing.


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Hey Matt,

Glad it's not just me then! I didn't know that, it explains a great deal though, I think the whole branding package is excellent, even down to the small print copy on the bottles, every last detail is carefully considered :)
My name is Soeren and I'm also an Innocent Smoothie addict. :)

I love the Mango & Passionfruit one, but I recently discovered Strawberry & Banana and will never look back! They're just too expensive! They often have special offers on them in Sainsburys though. Sometimes you can get them there for a quid each. :up:


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I may have to try the Strawberry one next time then, I haven't really ventured past the Mango & Passionfruit... and yes they are very expensive :( that's the only negative! I keep meaning to try making my own as they list all the ingredients, make a batch on Monday and keep it chilled... although not sure how long it would last..
Try the Strawberry & Banana, you won't regret it. :)

Yeah I guess you could make them yourself, but the cost of all the different fruit, the enormous task of chopping it up and blending it. And then you have to wait for it to chill. Not to mention the cleaning up afterwards. I'm far too lazy to do all that haha :D.


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Everytime I get a boots meal deal (most days I am in work), I always have an innocent smoothie. Lime, kiwi and apple is my current favourite, but anything involving strawberries is always welcome!

I have 3 (well 2 and a half) cartons in my fridge at the moment as they are only £2 in tesco!

I am open minded to other smoothies, but I will often spend the extra money to get innocent smoothies over cheaper ones.

Soren, you live in London just get your ass to the vegetarian restaurant in neals yard, they do some of the best juices and smoothies I have ever had. I make a point of going there every time I am in London! Yes, it is handy that it is very close to slam city skates and the oakley shop, but food will remain my priority!


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Chris, have you ever tried following the innocent recipes to make your own? I've wanted to try, as they list all the fruit ingredients, something tells me they still won't taste the same? :(

Maybe I'm just hooked on the innocent branding!


yes I have tried the recipes, I have the book at home along with another 2 books on smoothies :) all sorts of ones. They do taste very similar, but it also depends on your blender / smoothie machine. As you need to add lots of ice and yoghurt and milk.

Well worth the investment in the long term if you want to have massive innocent smoothies (like pints of it :lol: )

Tom Sound

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innocentconnor said:
Personally love the strawberry and bananna flavour, it's that hint of lime at the end which does it for me.

Blimey, you must be an addict just to register to post your love for smoothies! :D