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I love DF, its great for problem solving.


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I was in the middle of writing out a problem in a new thread to see if anyone else could spot it and I just put it can't be that it's not finding it beacuse....
And I thought to myself actually....

And what do you know I solved my 2 hour problem.

So thank you DF, you saved me a lot of time. :D

Appreciate it. :)


I find its great for that too :) even with some of my more complicated questions LOL :)


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I know, I'm all ways talking to myself at work, ssssh George, ssssh you will get me in trouble, people think I'm like mad or something. :lol:

No but honestly it does drive people mad when I do it, but I all ways resolve my problem. My boss really hates it just so I can talk her through it and then go aww yeah of coarse, not that I am actually asking her opinion about it just so I can run it by myself I suppose, and yes occasionally I have done that. :D
Because when I talk it out aloud, or write it down, my brain works harder to resolve it, I think its because of the stares and it gets embarressed TBH. :eek:

Do you mean the one in my signiture.
If so not a problem.

Might do a revamped version soon, as I have learnt a lot from this forum so it's only right to give back to the community. Isn't that right George? :D


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Not a problem MRP.
Perosnally, you may have done so but to improve it add some padding to the textarea and input fields, a slightly pastal colour on :focus to both of those elements and a box-shadow: rule to the #feedback line to make it work in more modern browsers other than Chrome, Safari and Firefox. IE9 and Opera for example. If you need help implamenting/ adding more fields give me a shout.

But that does sound annoying, setup hosting the other day just to find out the provider didn't support Microsoft database, so really get where you are coming from.

I could have a go in ASP if you like?
Kinda tought myself it recently due to a few work projects, but should be able to do it if you need it. :)


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I did mod it a little. I'm getting a lot more comfortable with this coding malarkey. With PHP and java I'm getting to the point where I can understand what is going on, change/add what I need.

It was for a job whilst I was in Italy, so there may have been a break down in communication, its not a problem now. I've moved over to more CMS now, so plug in tastic approach saves the day!