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I Have Infiltrated The Base Camp


Junior Member
Excuse the title, I didnt want to go for the standard "hello" hehe :)

I don't really know what to write here so I will do a little dance :clap: and leave it at that....is that too spammy for my first thread? maybe slightly over the top, perhaps a wave or something would be more appropriate! hehe :lol:

I'll add a little more then, I live in the North West of England, I'm well into CSS layouts and XHTML and coding things right, but I don't claim to be an expert as I'm still learning all the time. Still only design upto Level 1 - because I'm used to it and therefore lazy - really need to push myself more. I use PHP often but I'm no programmer - just a good implememntor. I also love animating in flash and stuff like that and can do a fair amount of scripting but nothing too complex as my brain melts. I enjoy gaming, mainly on the PS3 but occasionally on the PC.

Anyway hopefully that is enough for now, as all I wanted to say was hi. :cheers:


Active Member
Hey Dizi.

Welcome to Design Forums Base Camp, glad you found us! Do you work for a design/web company? or for yourself? Do you have a portfolio site online? Always interested to see new forum members work :)



Junior Member
Thanks for welcoming me. :)

Greg, I work for myself.

I am currently redesining my portfolio. I'll post the link nearer to completion, won't be long now. :) would be nice to know what you think.