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I hate it when I'm smarter than the testing tools. Ahhhh IE7 help please.


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Right peeps, getting round to a bit of work after my baby was born and I almost had a heart attack TBH.

Just checking something in IE7 and IE6 and no images showed up.
So I was like Ooooooookkkay why?

Code was good, bare in mind I used advanced techniques for delivering images to all modern browsers IE7 and IE6 have to have a work around. So I thought I'm pretty sure this was working when I tested it in a proper version of IE7 the other day.

So I downloaded multiple IE from tredosoft and yep its the tool as IE6 images are working fine according to that and I know the images work fine in a proper version of IE7.

I'm currently using the IETester tool to check IE6 and IE7.

Tredosofts tool only goes up to IE6.

So is there another tool that I can use to test webpages in IE7 as I don't have access to the proper version of IE7 with out a massive amount of effort and time?


Sorry to every one who has PM'ed me again over the last few days. Taken a bit of time off after my son was born to spend some time with him and support my other half. Will try to get round to them over the next few days. :)


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I'm going to suggest Browser sandbox (just recently found it). It installs a sandbox (from spoon) so you can run a 'virtual' version of each program listed in your os. It's not too bad in my opinion.


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Using ridiculously over-engineered means of delivering images probably has some part to play…
Well thats a matter of opinion, clearly not mine.
The code I use speeds it up for all modern browsers, including IE8, don't see why I should code for the worst rendering browsers, that being IE7 and IE6 when there are better ways to do it and when I can do a better job anyway.

You could say the same with CSS3 TBH.
Just because IE7 and IE6 don't support a more modern and forward way of CSS coding is not a reason not to use them is it?
No clearly not, so why should I code my images for IE8, Safari, Chrome, FireFox and Opera in a way that makes them render slower it doesn't make sense?????? :confused:

But cheers for posting I'll have a proper look over them at the weekend, taking some time off to be with my new born. : )

Thanks for all the feedback it is appreciated. :)



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Just a quick one Jazz - sometimes I've had problems with absolutely positioned images in IE when they have no height + width declared. Might be worth a quick check.


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Cheers Glen, I'll have a look at that with the others. :)

Good thinking Tbwcf, but I'm pretty sure its the tool screwing up with the use of the object tag TBH as I know it works fine on a proper version of IE7, but I'll defo bare that in mind incase it isn't. :)
I've used the developer tools in IE8 and changed the page to IE7 and IE7 standards 99% of the time this works fine, but there is a standalone IE7 available (google IE7 standalone) which I use if things get screwy. But then this can have problems too (dropdowns dont display their box because of security issues).

I also use IETester (link) which always seems to work pretty well.

Hope that helps.

Edit: that adobe site is clever but there's no substitute for live testing especially with the amount of javascript a page can have now