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I had the most amazing evening!


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I just want to share the reason why...

Compagnie Transe Express, Arts de la rue

this has to be one of the worst websites I've seen in ages for promoting something soooooo amazing!

I will post some of my vids/photos when I'm not busy, however if you youtube it...

YouTube - Maudits Sonnants

you get some amazing results!

It seems the French know how to do (modern) circus' better than anyone else!

Cardiff-ians beginning of my night was rather random, went to the fair play fesyival in Canton, which was held in the Landsdown! Who would have thought you could fill a City pub with smelly hippies (slight downside), awesome live music, DJ's and it would work?


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Hmm, I don't really get it.

Aren't they just sitting there hitting musical instruments in a slightly freaky way?

I only watched 90 seconds of one video mind.