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I am scotty:)


Staff member
Hello all.

As the title suggests "I am Scotty" (Scott Jackson) a freelance Designer/Illustrator from the UK.
I can't remember how I fell upon this forum but I'm glad I did and since then I've been dropping in every now and then but I thought it about time I registered and introduced myself.

I've worked on and off as a designer/illustrator for longer than I care to remember and I've been freelance for a little over a year working on everything from eye candy for the web to iPhone app's.

I work out of my very unglamorous spare room in my house which I love as the commute is a doddle and the boss rocks:)

Anyhow, that's me and I look forward to sticking my two penneth in here and there as this seems to be a very nice forum.




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Hey Scott-y,

Welcome to Design Forums :) good to hear that you decided to join, and thanks for your comments on the forum, I'm sure you'll find the place very welcoming.

I was looking at your site earlier as I noticed you register and add your signature link, your work looks great, some really fun characters and your illustrations have a very nice feel to them. Is your boss going to be happy with you spending time on forums? :D

Look forward to hearing more from you.
Thanks, Greg


Staff member
I just wanted to say thank you for the warm welcome and the really kind words about my stuff:)

@ Greg.

I don't really think the boss will mind me spending time on here.
He's a bit of a pussy cat really:)