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Hurrah! Job Interview!


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Happy days, I have an interview next week for an illustration job! A rare and wondrous thing indeed.

Got my portfolio all up to date and snazzy-looking, going to ring on Monday to confirm the time/date (and put my name fresh in their minds again maybe, since I was offered the interview some weeks ago), because it's going to be a trek and a hotel stay the night before.

Would anyone like to offer me some interview advice? My last creative job interview was about 4 years ago. Typically I've always worn a suit to an interview but some people seem to say not to, though I'm unsure why exactly.


I always go suited to an interview.. I feel that its a situation that deserves that sort of formality.. and its never done me any harm personally... oh and always be smiling when speaking, it makes what you're saying sound more enthusiastic and positive. Thats about all I can give tips wise from me :)
Where is the job based mate?

Definitely go suited. Better to be smart and feel like a fool than be dressed down and everyone think you're a fool. They like your portfolio so if you've got a natural way with people and can come across as driven and hard working...then the job is yours. :)

Good luck.


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Great news Jim.
I'm with the other guys. I'd always rather be over dressed than under dressed.
The only other advice I can give is do your best to stay relaxed and be yourself. There's no point putting up a front that you'd have to keep going if you get hired. (Sorry WHEN you get hired.)

Best of luck, keep us updated.


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Thanks lads, I think I was always going to go with the suit option. Safest bet. Based in Huddersfield. Aside from trying to learn about the company and formulating my own questions to ask during the interview, any other advice? I wish I could know what questions they'll ask me ahead of time, haha.


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Wear a suite, if your better dressed than the person interviewing you it makes you feel more important and better still, they take you more seriously.

Ive interviewed people before and I could see through all the BS people try and tell you, be yourself, try and initiate a CASUAL conversation maybe as you enter the room as its probably not just you who's nervous or unsure what to expect, if you can get them onto your level and take some control it'll work in your favour.


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I'd likely go in a suit and shirt but not use a tie... it does depend on the company obviously but we are after all artists/designers and not bankers/lawyers :)


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The only reason you shouldn't go fully suited and booted to an interview is if you are naturally a scruffy bastard (points finger at himself) and you would look really awkward in a suit. I usually rock shirt and trousers as I can't cover up that I am a mess no matter how hard I try.


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You never get a second chance to make a first impression. (unless they have dementia, but then how you look should be their least concern)


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Definitely a suit then! And thanks br3n, I always try and engage them in casual conversation but each case is different in terms of who you get!
great stuff Jim, I'm in the run for a job offering soon designing apps! My advice would be to actually dress casual/smart, I've always worn "smart" jeans and a shirt, I think it always comes down to the type of people that run the company, do a bit of research and maybe you might find some pics of the staff to see how they all dress. Just be confident (not too over confident though), relax, sit up straight, keep the conversation going and prepare for as many questions that they may ask you before hand and prepare questions to ask them too


Yeah, I agree with Ben. I think that wearing a suit is the safe option - everyone does it. Do you want to be considered as just another suit wearing interviewee or do you want to stand out? I'm not saying that wearing jeans will get you the job, it's more about defining your approach and mentality regarding the interview.

I find that job interviews can often be the case where the company is happy to hire any of their candidates and are really only looking to see who would fit in well into the current social hierarchy. As in, are you going to get on with everyone, or are you the kind of person that's going to cause problems for people? I think things like that are infinitely more important than what you're wearing.

If you displayed the best characteristics, knowledge and skill out of all the other interviewees you could probably get away with wearing a clown suit to be honest. (I'm not recommending that you do that..!)


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I'll have my fingers crossed for you Jim. :) I think your illustration skills are high quality, i know they'll really like your work.

The others have already given you good advice about clothing and how to just be casual. The only other things I can suggest is to may also include sketches in case they want to see how a sketch turns into a completed piece. And, if you think it'll be okay, ask for feedback on your work, and give the employer a chance to tell if there was any reason he/she would not employ you that you can address these doubts to correct them.

Also I hope I can help also with these suggestions for questions you may be asked.

Tell me/us about yourself.

What do you know about this company?

How would you deal with criticism?

What are your professional strengths? weaknesses?

What is your experience with these types of projects?

You may also be asked about what software programs you are skilled in, (you never know) and why you wanted to become a designer.


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Thanks Rhonda, it's tricky to think of those kinds of questions to consider, myself. Sketches! I wish I'd included a section for them in my portfolio book now, but then workflow can change so maybe not. Ah well I'll be doing a revised version so I'll include it next time.

Will probably spend an hour or so researching the company some more over the next couple of days. Other than that, dusting off the old suit and being all "eyes & teeth" on the day, I don't know of much else I can do to prepare. I should really pre-think some answers to the more annoying questions I'm likely to get. Haha, once I got asked what my weaknesses were, my mind went blank and I actually said I couldn't think of any at the moment! It's worth adding that I got that particular job, haha.
With the old weakness question you need to take a negative and turn it into a positive, preferably in the past.

Like....I use to take on to much work at once, I over came this by clearly managing time and effective communication... blah blah blah...give me the job please.

They will ask it.