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Discussion in 'Introduction Forum:' started by captainrage, Feb 20, 2009.

  1. captainrage

    captainrage Senior Member

    I thought there might be a massive thread to add myself to, however it looks like all the newbs just start their own. Eek. Here are a few things about myself..

    I'm Emily, an illustration graduate living and working in London, posing as a website editor. I'm a borderline alcoholic with sub-par social skills, I swear too much and have been known, on occasion to swoon over men with facial hair.

    I suppose I'm here for some guidance on pulling myself together and getting back into the industry.
  2. Sam05

    Sam05 Junior Member


    do you have a link to any of your work?
  3. Greg

    Greg Active Member

    Hi Emily,

    No sharing of intro threads here I'm afraid, each member is exposed to a full interrogation under spotlight... or maybe just their own thread and some welcome-type messages. Thanks for joining & welcome to the forums! :)

    Like a Designers Anonymous?? .. that could work as an advertising campaign for the forums!! :D

    I hope you enjoy your times here, and find what it is you're looking for.
    Thanks, Greg
  4. Harry

    Harry Senior Member

    Welcome aboard.
  5. captainrage

    captainrage Senior Member

  6. Welcome to the forum Emily... I think that designers anonymous only supplies free muffins... thats about all :notimpressed:
  7. Sunburn

    Sunburn Active Member

    hrrrm as long as they are Blueberry muffins,,, Tesco's are exceptional!
  8. I bake my own muffins :D Lemon and Poppyseed are my current favourite.. though I did make a batch of blueberry ones recently too :D NOM NOM NOM :D
  9. captainrage

    captainrage Senior Member

    What, no chocolate?!
  10. not made any chocolate muffins.. but made chocolate brownies instead :D :chocolatey:
  11. berry

    berry Active Member

    welome to the forum.

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