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Huge vintage vector ornaments Pack released


Junior Member
Hi all,

I have released the web’s biggest ornaments collection with 930 vector ornaments, all vectorized from the best nineteenth century type foundry catalogs. Check it on http://www.vectorian.net

It’s the perfect tool to design delicate stationery design, vintage logos, elegant packages and websites.

I’m offering a free pack (85 ornaments) if you want to try it, or if you are on a limited budget.

The premium pack (930 ornaments) is packed with goodies:
- Vintage brushes for Illustrator, to create decorative frame borders in seconds.
- Custom Shapes for Photoshop, to easily drop vectors in your design.
- Symbol panels for illustrator, to work faster and drop ornaments in your artboard.
- Bonus vintage vector illustrations

I’ve got an excellent feedback from the graphic designers who use it, let me know what you think?

Freelance Interface Designer


Hi, I've had a quick look. They look pretty good and I downloaded the free pack.

There does seem to be an inherent flaw with this type of product though. The main user for these type of graphics will be graphic designers because of the style of the images included in the pack. It's a style that would be used almost exclusively in premium/elegant/classy types of design work, virtually all of which are created by graphic designers, not Mr. Bloggs who needs some cheap wedding invitations who's just gone and downloaded GIMP. (Who probably isn't going to pay £23/$37 for a gigantic pack of images he could find for free on the internet - admittedly they won't look as good but he's not a graphic designer so he won't care)

Now, as a graphic designer, I wouldn't pay for it. That's my job - If I need something like this I will design it myself. The free pack you have given me will be used as "inspiration" for a future project requiring similar styles of design - if I can't come up with something without having to look for inspiration and if I remember that I downloaded this pack.

Who of your target market does that leave left to sell to?


Junior Member
Hi Squidy,

The main target is designers and illustrators who don't have time to do everything themselves.

I am myself a heavy user of this kind of packs, I use icons, textures, brushes pack.
I could do it myself, but it takes time and, as many designers, I have always a tight schedule and not enough time.

Now this is just elements that you use for your design, not the final product itself.

Everything depends on the way you use it, your skills, your design touch.
It's like using fonts: you won't create fonts every time you start a new project, so you need to have it in you designer toolbox.

Now, if you 're fortunate enough to have time to do everything yourself this is great :)



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I like it for its lazy appeal - no point reinventing the wheel when theres a stack of (wheels) at your disposal.


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Deffinately well worth the download - Thank you :)
Great for the projects you don't have time to start all this from scratch.
Very well executed.
Yeah it's a nice pack, there's really no need to reinvent any wheels, like br3n said, when you could have a nice starting point and modify as necessary. This would be worth it to me if I had more jobs that required such ornate things.