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HTML5 on-line tool


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Hay peeps,
I came across this tool which you type in a web page address and it highlights all the HTML5 code and micro formats used but for the life of me I cant find it now.

Anyone have any idea on where it is? :)

O and no Tim it's not in my back garden. :D


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O that sucks.
Right I've just started using the time tag to mark up well time.
Heres what the W3C says:
The time element is not necessary for encoding dates or times. In the following snippet, the time is encoded using time, so that it can be restyled (e.g. using XBL2) to match local conventions, while the year is not marked up at all, since marking it up would not be particularly useful.
<p>I usually have a snack at <time>16:00</time>.</p>
<p>I've liked model trains since at least 1983.</p> Using a styling technology that supports restyling times, the first paragraph from the above snippet could be rendered as follows:
I usually have a snack at 4pm.
Or it could be rendered as follows:
I usually have a snack at 16h00.
Right run it through both the W3C validator and that validator and it flags it up that its wrong, when according to the W3C is clearly isn't. So not amused.

The one I was on about through you put a URL into it and it counted how many microformats and HTML5 tags and attributes the page contained. So can't find it now. Aww hold on......


I bet you don't lol.


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Yeah it picks up microformats in the page and apparently HTML5 but the odd bug at the mo and doesn't recognise the time tag either. It recognises an id called time as HTML5 but not the tag itself so err.....yeah, maybe needs a bit of work, lol.