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.htaccess Wordpress Permalinks

I need help with my .htaccess in my Wordpress blog.

So, I have the trailing url of /?p=2 for my about page. How would I change that into /about/ using .htaccess?


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using your htaccess pass..... BUT I think their is a SEO plugin for wordpress that allows you to change your page names without having a science degree....

Have a dig about on the wp site at their plugins....


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If your .htaccess file is writable by the server then just use the built-in Wordpress Permalinks options, much easier than writing the htaccess rules yourself :)

Goto your WP control panel, then Options and look for Permalinks tab, and check out this link for some permalinks examples - Using Permalinks WordPress Codex

I personally use: /%category%/%postname%/