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HP Touchpad


Staff member
Did anyone else grab one at £89/£115 for the 16GB/32GB models :)

I just had my 16GB one delivered today, didn't want a iPad (too limiting for my requirements) or the touchpad if I'm honest due to the fact it was 4:3 ration (I wanted widescreen) but for £89 it was too much of a bargain to pass up :)

It will tide me over till I get an android or windows 8 (kind of liking win 8) model, hell they may end up porting android or windows 8 over anyways, android's already started lol

It's not too bad, obviously not desktop speed but for I'll use it for, web browsing, video and photos for clients etc I can't really go wrong.

Some nice features are the agenda page when docked in the touchstone charger showing all your appointments etc and the free 50GB upgrade at box.net, just wish box would give us a desktop sync app like dropbox instead of making a 'premium' item :rolleyes:

Now got an idea in my head to do a custom webpage for slates....that will be interesting as I haven't finished the new desktop one yet lol


Staff member
amazon, there were loads of places, basically hp is doing a firesale as they want to go 'software' only, it was very much a smash and grab type scenario as every site that had them basically crashed lol.

Just keep an eye out on places like dabs/carphonewarehouse/argos/amazon etc in case some more come out.

The pre3 is supposedly getting a drop tomorrow too...

you could try your local carphonewarehouse or pcworld store, it's unlikely but they may have left