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Hows England?


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Leaving on Thursday!! :up:
Heading to NZ for 2 1/2 weeks, then over to Sydney on April 14th, how comes you disliked Sydney? where abouts are you now?


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I just didnt really like it or the people that much, the beach (bondi) is nice but a little dull in the evenings - its a nightmare to drive around and when you get used to the helpful attitudes of people from everywhere other than sydney it becomes a little like london, definately go there but also check out Manly (close by) before heading up the coast! The picture of the rope swing and also the beach path are in Lenox Head, a lovelly small-ish town just south of byron bay - imo definately worth a visit.

I've uploaded quite a few pics onto facebook for anyone thats interested
Brendan Patterson - Brighton and Hove | Facebook
Feel free to add me.

Berry, I still cant believe im here, kind of taking it all for granted - the pictures really do make me realise how amazing it is though.


they all saved lots of money I think... either that or just earn alot.. or live at home (there-in not spend as much money on rent etc). Or inheritance (thats how i got over to New Zealand back in 2002).
Box some up and send it this way? Scotland is blimming freezing, next time I'm visiting my brother I'm making sure it's in the middle of Summer
captainrage said:
Ah, that makes me feel somewhat better.. Thanks losers..
Depends on where you travel and the way you travel as well. I don't live at home and I managed to save up £3000 in 7 months on a 19K salary a couple of years ago and that lasted me for 6 months in South East Asia (Can I have a medal please :)). I just didn't go out at all, didn't buy any new things, and brought my lunch to work everyday. And your money can go far in developing countries. You can get basic guesthouse rooms for about a dollar a night and a meal for 50p in Laos for example.

Just to make you feel shit again..lol :)