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Discussion in 'Introduction Forum:' started by Jeewhizz, Nov 6, 2008.

  1. Jeewhizz

    Jeewhizz Junior Member


    I'm Khalid, and I run Pixelcraze. We do lots of PHP / MySQL based development for both small companies, and larger household brands.

    I've known Greg a while now, so thought I'd better pop on and say hi!

  2. Greg

    Greg Active Member

    Hi Khalid,

    Thanks for joining Design Forums :) I know you've been kept very busy with your new forums!
    Good to see you here, I'm sure you'll recognize a few familiar names around the place.

  3. craigfarrall

    craigfarrall Member

    Welcome to design forums, I am sure you will enjoy it here ;)
  4. Mike

    Mike Senior Member

    Welcome Khalid :)
  5. mrleesimpson

    mrleesimpson Guest

    Hey Khalid,

    Another name that I've seen around other forums. Welcome.

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