Howdy people!


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Hi guys! I got recommended to join this site today :)

Ok a quickish intro.. Ive been into web design for around the past 10 years, started off at college, then onto staffs university and got a 2.1 honour degree in computing science but specialising in web design. During this time I started (what is now the uk's biggest modified car club), UK Modified Car Club

from there I went on to work as web designer for phones4u where I also did a couple of subcontract jobs also for 50Cent movie, TakeThat (when the relaunched) and also FIFA website.

Then I went back to work for my graduating university as their web design (but not responsible for the mash up of a site its become in the 3 years since ive left now btw lol!)

Now work for Midbass doing website for brands such as VIBE (VIBE - Vented Innovative Bass Enclosures - Car subwoofers, speakers, amps, installs, ICE and more!) and FLI (FLI Audio) as well as other projects. On top of this ive always 'sort-of' worked for myself doing website on the side for people.. but have recently started to look more seriously into my own business as well as getting a lot more work in.

So thats really my history of design.. I also dabble in some print work and have done some of the adverts you will see in magazines such as fastcar, max power and T3 etc, as well as flash banners used on msn, myspace and various websites for phones4u etc I used to do, and also a spot of video editing thrown in too.

I will try stick around and already looks a very good site! Although i have my listed experience.. im sure any true web designer will agree that were all still learning so I hope to get a lot back out of the forums too

Thanks :)


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Welcome :D awesome intro post. You seem to have a wealth of experience!
Hope you enjoy it here :D


Welcome to the forum Chink :) always nice to have another experienced designer on board :)


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Aaah howdy tim!! ( ^ you can thank Tim for the recommendation lol)

I still haven't got it yet.. im going to go for one of the refurb deals off the online shop now.. just waiting for the right one to come up!