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I seem to spend the majority of my working hours stuck on forums these days- so i thought i'd come join another one (but only as i was asked nicely).

I'm Mike, a freelance web designer based over in Nottingham but i also run a number of other projects and am currently working on a new business which should hopefully be up and launched for the beginning of 2009!


Senior Member
Hi mike!

good to see another!

out of interest - did you ever try Mick on for size? I did and my friends laughed and said i wasnt "manly" enough


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Hey Mike,

Good to see you here and this is a really nice forum so I had to invite you! :)
That sounds exciting, any more details to be revealed or will it remain confidential?

Nope, Mike is definately better than Mick (which shoulds like something else lol)

@ Grey you know what it is but soon it shall be revealed to the world- well ok, more the UK than the world, but you know what i mean.

Multi quote would also be a good addition :)


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You must admit it was a pretty good guess - with no clues what so ever! lol
On the case with the multi-quote, it's been added to my DF to-do list :up:
I think if you could limit the colour palette to pastal colours to fit in with the design (ie discard the bright reds, green etc) then yes it would work- otherwise nope as signature information would become too distracting.


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Will see what's possible, as far as I know with standard vB options it's just colour on/off for usergroups, there might be a plugin around...