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How would you fix this?


Senior Member
OK so I've updated my site with some much needed descriptions, I still need to sort out the main navigation but one thing at a time...

Basement31 - Brendan Patterson. Designer.

I need some creative problem solving - If you increase the text size the descriptions wrap and cause the li container to be different heights and therefor mess all the floats up...

I cant think of a way keeping the div(s) that contain the descriptons and the number of images all the same height regardless of text size WITHOUT using overflow hidden or something similar... it needs to remain usable.

(I thought of making min-height 3em) which would likely be 1 em more than there would be... still not bulletproof :S

I hope that makes sense?


Staff member
If it's the bit I'm thinking it is (ie the text under pictures) couldn't you just put the ones with more text in the bottom row....