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How to sell a car.


Senior Member
Think I posted something similar a while ago, but this is just golden!

Volkswagen : * golf carb conversion* 1.8 gti 8v twin 40 carbs !!

Some highlights include:

I i got the engine from of pistonheads it self from slouh in london with 13000 on the clock

polished aliminum suspention cover caps.


Respraid proffesionaly in candy green

singal wiper conversion

reach full potential recites to prove thts all you need

sounds AWSOME very Roary


Staff member
Actually for a twin carb it's not too badly priced in my opinion. Ignoring the poor grammar and spelling.

Most of the bits added to the car without the engine would come to pretty close 2k anyways.

Brakes are a bit concerning as is the lack of mot etc but it's not like I'm going to buy it as that green is really bad taste on a mk2 golf


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Was looking at mk1's but they are in same catagory on ph. It just amused me that he thought it was a good idea to write like a chimp!