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How to make cover resolution of an image?

Discussion in 'Graphic Design Forum:' started by Janifar, Apr 16, 2013.

  1. Janifar

    Janifar Member

    I wanna to make this image clear as well as keep perfect resolution. How i can do this? Please any kind of suggetion will be helpful for me. :mellow:
  2. Sorry no one has got back to you on this, what do you mean by clear? You could run it through some sharpness filters in PS then perhaps go over it with the sharpen and soften tools around all the edges. Alternatively, if you meant contrast, you can play around with that in PS too, to make the person stand out a bit more instead of being drowned out by the light.
  3. balders

    balders Member

    A lot depends on the original size and quality of the image. PS isn't a magic wand that can make a badly taken low resolution image and make it look amazing. Good luck though.
  4. Janifar

    Janifar Member

    Please help me, i tried, but its looking like this. :(
  5. There isn't really much else we can say other than what has been said already?
  6. Jimlad

    Jimlad Well-Known Member

    Unfortunately it's not like the movies, where cops looking at a screen always say "zoom and enhance" and turn a grainy low-res mess into a high-res masterpiece so clear you could count their individual eyelashes... there's only so much you can do with a small blurry image.
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  7. The Simulator

    The Simulator Active Member

    This. I blame CSI for misguiding people into the capabilities of image enhancements. Reading a number plate 300yards away that is nothing more than a grey blur.
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  8. Janifar

    Janifar Member

    :( :mellow: :wacko: :blush: Nothing to say !!!!
  9. DavoSmith

    DavoSmith Member

    I'd say that there was all but nothing you could do to increase the original quality of that photograph to be honest, unless there is anyone who knows where Doc is hanging out these days for him to could swing you back in time in the Delorean sop you could shoot it with a DSLR and some nice glass....
  10. Jimlad

    Jimlad Well-Known Member

    And they say the TARDIS is the sports car of time-travel...
  11. Janifar

    Janifar Member

    I got it dear DavoSmith !!! Thanks for your helpfulness !!! :mellow:

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