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How to make a Mcdonalds burger look good....

If only so much time and effort went into the burgers that they throw in the boxes, then keep waiting behind the tills sweating away ready to serve to the customer!

I could so do with a big mac right now!!


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Bah! Can't watch it - old Mac can't update Flash! I have NEVER eaten a big Mac and only been in a Macdonalds once*. Is this a record?

*I had a cup of black hot water they called "coffee".
I read some of the comments on this when it was posted by Design Week and couldn't believe that they thought this was some kind of revelation!
All food is retouched, primped and falsely inflated to look good - that's what home economists do at photoshoots. Custard gets substituted with emulsion paint, drops of moisture are added on after...anything to make it look good or keep it looking good under the studio lights.
(No offence to Ian for posting it, IT IS interesting to see.)