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How to joing paths in Illustrator ?


Senior Member

I'm not an illustrator wizard but I'm working on a logo now. I want to join the two anchor points in each red circle, and don't want the black line in the green circle at the end of it. I've been messing around with "Object > Path > Join / Average" but I can't get it to work :(

Should this make a difference, the two shapes on the right are separate. The shapes on the left (and top/bottom) are all one big shape.


Senior Member
So are you just wanting the thicker bits to join horizontally, so there is no gap in the middle?

You could just drag the existing anchor points or add another anchor point and then position so they join, then you could make it all one shape with the pathfinder tool.


Senior Member
Is it giving you an error message?

The shapes have to be ungrouped, and you have to remove any compound paths. Once they are all seperate paths etc, you should be able to join them how you would like, them re-make the compound.

Hope I'm on the right track.