How to Design Responsive Website

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My website is not responsive I want to redesign my website. but I have't knowledge of responsive website designing.
Please assist me from where I should get start.?
your signature itself you mentioned website designing company in new delhi you are the company, then you well aware of what is responsive website, and how to develop website. what is the point you asking this in forum


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Well I'm glad someone actually tried to help, rather than criticise. +1 to you BJ2DESIGN.

I would highly recommend the Book Apart book for sure. Ethan's book that basically brought us responsive web design, it really does explain everything you need to know. If you need an e-book of it, let me know. I have a spare copy I got, I have a code to get one. You can have it for free if it will help you.
All I would say is stay away from bootstrap, it can be the easy way out for responsive web design for some but I really don't agree with it's methods.


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So we can all see that the OP may not be in the best place to offer a commercial web development service (regardless of their signature links) but at least they're asking for help to develop their current skillset!.. which, is more than most would do!

If you want to learn responsive design, forget content magement systems for a few days and start googling things like 'simple grid", "Skeleton CSS" or even just "CSS Boilerplate". Get your head around a pre-defined, responsive css library, modify t to suit your needs and then implement it into your existing sites.
A responsive website is made up of flexible layouts and grids, so that, it can be adapted to every digital screen; from mobile to laptops.
We can design responsive website by using Wordpress, it is open source content management system, in wordpress we find soo many types of responsive themes and plugins..
Im afraid to ask do you know what css is ? Start with css and media queries , i think its where we all started, or if you want to skip the knowledge use bootstrap framework.Google W3 schools about bootstrap columns , rows
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