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How to become a product photographer?

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Hi guys! Nice to here, I want to become a professional product photographer, for my business purpose my main business services is clipping path service, photo editing service, image masking service etc. But I'm totally unknown about photography, can anybody help me for become a professional product photographer. Thanks advance!!


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go on a course explaining the basics of how to use a camera, composition, develop film etc.
Go on a more advanced course explaining how to use a studio setup
Learn how to use medium format over 35mm

Once you have the basics, you need to get experience more experience and then ideally you need your own equipment... The middle range stuff will come in around £10k + the cost of converting a room/location into the studio room

Oh and didn't you have a post a while ago telling us how to be a good photographer....


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Product photography stuff can be purchased relatively cheaply. Here's one I had in my studio when I was in Brum.

It's ok for small jobs but if you're going to be using it regularly then you'll need to invest in something a bit more substantial as most lighter colored items will still require a good amount of post production to knock out the backgrounds.

In terms of learning the trade, 1) buy a reasonable dslr camera 2) Buy some books, Langfords beginners and advanced are good or attend a course 3) practice, practice, practice.
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