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How to be a creative designer:


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what is it with 'American' designers and the 'how big!' hands.... even Jony Ives is doing it because he's been in the US too long...
I don't think I have ever done that with my hands when talking to clients etc


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I've always bought books, mostly art-based ones or (pre-internet) picture reference books. Mostly they get stuck on a shelf and forgotten about, but I certainly
feel they can be a creative inspiration. Try telling a teenage lad that reading is good for you and you get "I'm reading all the time on websites and Facebook and stuff"!

Sean Lee-Amies

Videos like these are okay, but they are always presented in such a boring way. I hate listening to monotone voice for extended periods of time, put some life into your voice!
Oh my God, I love Von Glitschka! He is one of the most influential design professionals in the States. He defines himself as an illustrative designer, and I think he is really good. Truly an inspirational figure for me.


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Oh hey! That's Von Glitschka! I met him a few years back when he came to speak in my town. He signed one of my sketchbooks. :) Super cool dude.
Really Shaunlunn? That's cool - I simply assume someone speaking to a webcam on youtube is usually a nobody :p
Buuuut man are you right about his monotone voice Sean!


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Yeah, Alex! :) He actually has some cool industry insight. If you follow him on Twitter he's got some gems. He also gets his work copied a lot so he has a lot of experience in dealing with that.


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Thinking more helps you form better thoughts and reading more gives you more thoughts to draw from and connect together. Thanks for that.


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I can't read books unless there are lots of pictures in them. :(
BTW. Always imagined that Von Glitschka looked like the Fonz out of Happy Days for some reason.
He a little bit fat in real life. Giggle. :D