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How to batch resize a group of photos to landscape AND portrait?


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Imagine the following: I have 100 photos of a night out. Some are portrait, some are landscape. I need them all resized to 800x600 / 600x800. I want to batch process this. How can I resize all landscape photos to 800x600 and all portrait photos to 600x800 in one process?

Currently, I'm resizing each photo manually through two separate Photoshop actions but when I have many photos, it gets tiresome having to do this. I'm wondering if there is some way I can automate it. Perhaps some sort of script? I am of course aware of the batch processing command, but that doesn't account for my problem.

Any help would be most appreciated.


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I do this a really weird way, but its the easiest method ive found... first to change from landscape to portrait (or other way round)

in explorer (assuming your windows) just set all the files to thumbnails so you can see which is which
select the images you want to rotate, shift+click selects multiple files between each click, control+click selects individual files, then just right click and you'll see an option in the menu saying rotate clockwise/anticlockwise

As for resizing, I actually make photoshop generate a "web photo gallery" for me, just select the folder theyre all in, then in the gallery options make the biggest thumbnail whatever size you need them to be, it'll then open them all up, resize and save for you - and then just delete the smaller thumbs and html pages it generated.

Very roundabout way im sure, but it works!

edit: gregs link looks like it does the same thing as web photo gallery, just doesnt generate the extra bits, so if your using an older photoshop (I believe this is even in ps7) then you can use my method or perhaps even just create an action to resize and save if its only a few images.


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Haven't read everything above but by % usually works. I had to resize a set of portrait and landscape images down to corresponding width/height and it works a treat.


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if you're on windows take a look at VSO Image Resizer, does a good job on file sizes too in my opinion.

Its via context menu so its a case of highlight pictures open up and set size (800x800 in your case) and then tick the keep aspect ratio and it will make the images fit in that size while going 800x600 or 600x800 in your case.

EDIT: This was a thread revival by a newbie, I'm calling spam but my above post is still there in case of interest.


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Fireworks has a batch feature...

But no matter how you do it, I think you'll have to split up the landscape and portraits manually and batch each set separately.