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How needs enemies when you pay some muppet to do it.


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Hay I have been stuck at the top of page2 for a while on this semi all right term for a client, not really concentrated on it as others where a lot better. Anyway I was thinking might as well just look through the competitors you never know I might get lucky and find some bad techniques.

I've just sent 4 spam reports to both Bing and Google, and 1 of those was done by a SEO company, ha talk about moving up 4 places with ease into the middle of Page1. The thing was they were all on the home page on all 4 and I didn't even need to check the HTML.

I know 1 is a major competitor and I can't believe I missed it, as it will be a site wide penalty bye bye to all their rankings, which should put my client up on at least 3 other semi terms.

SEO lesson 101 it's not all about links, it's about looking out for dumbass's and getting lucky.

Anyone else have any similar experiences?


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Just checked 3 out of 4 have been dropped and it's moved my client from position 11 to position 4 overnight. Well guess I can knock that 1 off as the one above it, position 3 is 1 of the other 1's I reported and I can't see how they can get away with ridiculously tiny text no 1 can read stuffed with keywords at the bottom of every page.

1 term down, but more importantly 1 spam site out of the results as well, proving why you shouldn't do black hat as you can lose positions over night if someone knows what to look for.

In fact no everyone should do it, makes my job a hell of a lot easier. : )


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Jaz could you explain exactly what you found and how you considered it to be spam?
SEO is an area which I'm becoming more and more involved with to the point that I may consider offering it as a stand alone paid for service.

Cheers Chap.


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What the hell! Jaz your related Post to my last post came in an hour before I posted! yet when I posted my last post your last post wasnt posted!!! (everyone following me ???) is DF caching???


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i definitely didnt get what you said!? (the first 4 times)

edit: now i get it, but that really is strange, maybe greg thought he'd have some fun confusing you!


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Well 1 was a clear ad spam site as in some one bought a key worded domain and stuck a load of google ads in, so that was the first 1 that got submitted, 1 wasn't relevant at all, I mean in the slightest so I helped them by letting them know it wasn't, thats gone, 1 had loads of keywords in a long line something like font size 6, thats still there though, which is weird as that by far is the 1 thats breaking the rules the most, as in the text can't be read by humans not the size it's at doesn't make sense as it's just a list of keywords. I'll give that 1 some time, that got submitted on it's own.
And the other 1 was a hidden link and thats gone as well, so. Jobs a goodun. The best thing though is my clients site has moved up not just 4 positions as a result but a good 7, which is weird but I'm not complaining. :)