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How much to charge??

I am fairly new to the graphic design community and started a lot of my work on crowdsourcing websites. Since then one of the companies I completed a logo for has come back and asked me to do some follow up work for them.

This would involve custom designs for decals and sports equipment, as well as briefs and projects for teams that approach him for their own equipment.

I cant wait to get started however he has asked for a price, and I really dont know what to say to him! I have never done this much follow up work before.

Have any of you done similar work, do you have any advice?

Thanks in advance :D

Yuck, crowdsourcing!
That aside, how much were you paid for the original project? You could use that as a starting point.
...Or were they completely exploiting you (no pay), and not just kind of exploiting you?
He paid $360 for the logo and then another $20 when he asked for the font size changing on something...don't know if thats good or bad to be honest. lol

Paul Murray

Staff member
There is no one price for a certain job, it depends on many things, and each job can take varying amounts of time. You need to calculate it on a per job basis;

Your hourly rate (depends on experience) x estimated completion time + a little extra for problems that crop up = what to charge.
Approximately how long did the logo take you to make?
Divide that into the 380, and see what your rate was, now adjust it to a number you like. It's always good to have a reference, and you can even use that in justifying your costs if the client asks why.

It's really all up to you. I usually charge around $20-$25 an hour, I know people charge a lot more, but since I work on things in my spare time, and this is not my primary job, I give a break, because I know it'll take a longer amount of time before I finish a project than it would for other people who put in 8 hour days.