How much to charge...?



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I am a busy bee on DF today! I have another question...

I've just been asked to give a quote for designing and laying out a book. It's a book of photos and captions so quite simple in terms of content but obviously the design will not be uniform throughout. It's about 60pp and roughly going to be 200mm square. Contemporary / Classic, that kind of thing.

Basically I work closely with an editor and he's just had a meeting with this guy wanting to do the book so as the designer I've got to quote for my bit. Whatcha reckon?



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expected hours multiplied by hourly rate should give you an idea of what to quote


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How long is a piece of string?
There's still many variables to take into account, will all content be supplied? Will it be ready to use, ie images at 300dpi to size in CMYK, tif format? Will the copy be formatted? and proof read? Will the captions match upto image file names? Will the printing be managed by yourself or the editor or neither? Does he want a few mockups of certain pages initially? Are there branding guidelines to adhere to?

& as Levi says, if you know your hourly rate you can give a quotation based on anticipated time x amount of hours, and include details in a contract for additional hours/time.