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How much should I charge?


Junior Member
Hey there!

Having had a look at some of the other threads on here, I know a lot of others have asked similar questions, although this is a little different... I'm a graphic designer and have already designed a logo for my client but they have asked me to produce some illustrations/characters to represent their team (3 people). They have to fit in with an existing style, which is very graphic and bold so I will be using mostly flat shapes rather then spending hours painting in detail in Photoshop.

As I'm primarily a graphic designer and this is an illustration project, which isn't my specialism, I don't feel I can charge my usual hourly rate and it will take me longer to do the work than I imagine it would take an illustrator. How do illustrators charge for work? Do you do hourly rate x length of time estimated? How much would you charge for a similar project?
I would agree a fixed amount with your client.
...and charge your normal rate. You are still using your skills for their benefit.

If the clients happy, go with it.