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How much is a logo worth?


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Hi all. A couple of months ago I started looking at the big corporations who paid mega bucks for their logos and then started exploring the gritty underworld of India based bargain basement logo design outfits.

I wanted to know why people flock to these companies. Is it simply to save a few quid?!

To find out I commissioned one company to design a logo for me for £40

For this small fee they also offered unlimited revisions!

I did a write up of the experience here


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As I said on my comment (I never leave comments usually): Great breakdown and exposé of the cheap logo market, top stuff! Might share this about a bit actually.


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I have nothing against someone trying to make a bit of money. And to publicly humiliate someone and then show a logo at the end "Look how good I am" is like what you would see in a play ground, bullying!


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You’re probably right Jordan. My gripe is with the organisations themselves, not the “designers” who probably receive a basic introduction to Illustrator (or maybe Coral Draw) and are then bombarded with briefs from new businesses wanting top quality logo design at rock bottom prices. So whilst I don’t regret conducting the exercise, I do feel that actually sending the last image back to him/her/them was an unnecessary garnish to the article and I did feel a twang of regret no sooner had I done it.

Sean Lee-Amies

I think an honest account of something that happens is just that, an honest account. Perhaps showing the logo at the end was a bit much, but actually if you think about it it's presenting this company with an opportunity to understand where they might be falling short with their service.

It was a good read Wac, but I have read about this exact same process before - although they didn't send their version of the logo at the end!
Mmmm a bit controversial I guess, but as Sean said it could (even if it wasn't intended) be taken as 'feedback'. At the end of the day they got £40 which they wouldn't have got otherwise.

On the other side, you could take this as the bully (cheap logo designers) in the playground being mocked. Does a bully deserve to be bullied? Well, that's down to opinion I guess.


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Alex Gilmore said:
Does a bully deserve to be bullied? Well, that's down to opinion I guess.
Well I think that's a whole other kettle of fish best left for another thread, preferably on another forum.
wac said:
Well I think that's a whole other kettle of fish best left for another thread, preferably on another forum.
Aye, I guess it's not even design related. Then again, I'm always up for these sort of discussions ;)

Edit: And Scotty, perfect post :D ^

Tony Hardy

That was a hilarious read. Loved the part about the duck. Out of interest, were the ferris wheel and background rides the first results on a Google Image Search? I notice you've managed to get the same ferris wheel as them. Did you appropriate it, or was it a "free vector"?

Very good, and I don't think you're bullying them. Sounds to me very much like they're just a "logo design machine" - and you can't bully a machine.

Also, it would have been interesting to get them to deliver the logo in different file formats and things to see how they handled that. I would've liked to see how many revisions they would let you get away with? Wonder if they'd let it go over the course of a year?

Sean Lee-Amies

That would be awesome... you could make a new blog post every month. Wouldn't it be funny if they then read the on-going blog!
logo is the identity of the organisation, it's the everything to the business, if an organisation has an attractive logo that can attract and leave an impression the minds of the customers than that is one of the primary asset of the company

Sean Lee-Amies

Kira, you must set yourself higher targets! $15 - $30 is nowhere near enough of a budget for you to create the stunning kind of work that's going to get you a successful, long term career in branding and design.


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kira2503 said:
I don't know that companies pay big bucks for logos.
I make logos for only $15. $30 max .
You don't say! It just so happens I have a Theme Park related project that you might be interested in...
yes , I agree with sean-lee ammies 15-30 $ is too low for making a profit , optimum price for a logo must be 60-80$ in order to have a sufficient profit .I also take 60$ to design a logo for my clients