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How many from the North East....

How many peeps on here from the North East then?

I am from Whitley Bay....

Has there been any meet ups, looks like a few Northerners on here?



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Typo said:
Berry will chip in when he gets back from the golf course.

I've been in the Boardroom working! ( honest ) Got my shorts on though as it's roasting!

I'm North Shields on the Fish Quay,
I think Berry saw him off.
Best stay south of the river.

Garry Consiiglio...i think I went to college with him.
Bath Lane back in the day.....
Knew there were more of us Northerners.

Berry, the fish quay? I guess its those stylish looking buildings on the left handside as your going down the bank from tynemouth side? Just after the pub.

There seems to be a fair share of graphic/design talent up here in the North!!! (Not a biased comment, I am not a designer)