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How many effective message or messenger for seo?

I am far from messenger and it's for long time, because of, I never think this work for seo. But I think sometimes the message work for SEO. So what all of guys you think? I am in little confusion, is it work or not? Any kinds of suggesstion would be appreciated.

Sean Lee-Amies

I'm in the same boat as Levi. Why don't you provide us a link to something related to what you're talking about?


Active Member
As they said above, I am fairly competent when it comes to optimisation. Send over some examples and will try and help.

Sean Lee-Amies

There is no such word as messanger, so unless you're targeting illiterate people then I don't think that's going to work overly well. You've asked us a question without giving any information on the subject - we literally have nothing to go on I might as well ask you something like, which colour would sell more? Orange or red?
Are you building a new website, and want to optimise it for SEO? Can we see this website?
Are you talking about whether some kind of web messenger, or message system hosted on a website would contribute to SEO in some way?
No one can answer you tell us what you want to know in a way that we can understand :( Have you tried Google translate?